Tensei Sugahara:

Tensei Sugahara started to write Japanese poems with his unique world and taste in words naturally. He also performed poetry in bars and gigged with his band in his university. He joined student government and worked for order and festivals, but he already despaired of school days, so focused on creation, love and overseas. He made some journeys to Europe and started to write English poems.  For the rest of Sugahara’s bio visit the contributors page.

Dine Out

I exhale my life from the top.
Acting up underneath the tablecloth
My pitiful, fairy rabid dog
Is devouring a slice of my flesh.

Can’t you recollect?
We  played in the snow on the icy lake
Which had a sharp edge to the grin.

Come in my narcosis.
All the secondary entity confides in you.
I wish one day we’d love one another.

You see,
Today it’s snowing.

Word’s Out

Feels bitter pepper on the food.
O dread, the sound still comes
from the last dark
over the thousand nights.

Silver shine,
we wish the sad moon would go through this crying world,
then revive to shine gold,
upon our keen heads,
to forbid to touch the darkest water.

Blue hotel,
pink stockings
and black chest.
Read our philosophers during fucking,
gasp the words like singing,
beyond every death,
could we reach the higher blood?

Red balloon flew away,
we couldn’t remember
the color of the sky was black,
or white.

Love Cycle

Such as each living
our love shall die,
we live beside the smell of its death,
so fear, might hate, soak into killng
then need to turn into the primary chaos
to revive,
wishing would love one another,
in the next cosmos.

We know
the past will never return around us,
even can’t enter the same river anymore,
but desire something lost,
somewhere forbidden in our memories,
the curse is,
the love, its idea was grown in our gone life,
so never emerge from the undying sorrow.


Who could be naked before me,
you strip off your clothes, powders and faces,
wearing the rigid mask,
your smile has no glow,
your eyes never reflect the world,
your words never tell the truth,
so I tried to undress the veil,
then I found numerous lies and the hollow black.

You can’t see what I see,
they are not human hands,
I can’t see your feet step.

Still you exist?
You vanished yourself for being as the lightest thing,
to fly toward somewhere high,
dream of dreams forever,
we go through each others’ bodies in love.

Ain’t I here?

The Man

Drew a white circle,
sands away,
lay the ashes on the embodied
and limpid air.

The flower was clutched,
the bird cleared into the heavens,
but the hands cut the moment.


Slides upon verdant bodies,
the abiding anchor grows countless limbs,
am bound to stride,
having no limp.

Over the death,
what’s still alive in my heart.

Sears wounds with the glacial wail.
Searches our verbatim love,
with an overlay of hoarfrost.

Wafer-thin divide,
we are never half near.


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